Design Methodology


Acting in our clients best interest requires that we integrate our methodology with technology. The application of traditional design methods to state of the art tool sets provides a level of communication never before possible. Efficiency, accuracy and three dimensional visualization are key factors in conveying design intent from the design phase to construction documentation.

3D Tools allow the client to work with designers to visualize forms, massing models and even design development level digital models in real time.

BIM/CAD (building information models/computer aided design) help accurately define qualitive and quantitive aspects of a design in the most efficient and distributable manner.

Visualization software allows demonstration of photo-realistic renderings of the proposed design, allowing clients, building officials, review boards, prospective tenants and the public to visualize the finished project at its current level of design.

As the saying goes "A picture says a thousand words!", 3D graphics communicate designs and sell projects. Leveraging state of the art design software and the computer graphics they provide is a great marketing and a public relations tool! More importantly it helps convey the design to the Client and to the contractor during construction.




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