07-10 Carpenters Training Center



Columbia Basin Carpenters Training Center



The campuses of the Carpenter's Training Centers are established to reflect the national training curriculum that offers college degree capability. This new facility for the Central Washington area serves all of the Pacific Northwest. The vocational training demands and future flexibility are met and reflected in this comprehensive major renovation and conversion of a 3 acre industrial site and 20,000 SF building.

New uses included: 14 welding bay stations lab, wood lab, GPS and surveying lab, four smart educational training rooms, metal framing & gypsum wallboard lab, reception and instructor's offices, and board room.

All office and classroom areas feature completely new interior finishes, comprehensive lighting renovation and coordination with energy rebates incentive, fences and lighted site work areas, new parking lot pavement, site lighting, and planned areas for turbine repair lab and machinist's lab.

94-17 Whitney Elementray School

Whitney Elementary School Entrance

Yakima School District No.7 - Additions and Modernization


Traho prepared Educational Specifications as we worked closely with School District staff to prioritize the many educational goals for the expansion and complete renovation of this 500 student, grades K-5 school. A campus like design evolved, with a central circulation spine and new gymnasium, providing high volume focus for both adjacent interior classroom and exterior playground activities. The new administration wing was located at the access street front of the new campus, providing both a clearly identified entry to the site and visual control of vehicle and pedestrian circulation on the site.

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90-23 Educational Service District No. 105

ESD105 Conference Computer Center 3

Conference / Computer Center

Yakima, WA


Educational Service District No. 105 staff provides technical assistance, in-service training, computer training, and consultant services for teachers within a four county area. This multi-purpose facility anticipates flexibility in existing, as well as future uses, in response to a rural area characterized by a diversity of student population, size and needs. The client desired a building that would project a clean, pleasant, no-frills image; relate compatibly with its mixed-use institutional and industrial neighbors; and provide natural day lighting while maintaining a secure and virtually windowless facade. Day lighting is accomplished by clerestory windows set above and behind the lower walls of the street facade.


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