12-16 Emerald Care

12-16 EmeraldCare



Faced with a desire to continue improvements in resident care, Emerald Care is planning a significant facility update, to include both interior and exterior features.

A new covered vehicle drop off will be connected to the entry with a covered walkway; the adjacent existing entry will become a semi-enclosed resident patio. All facility windows will be replaced with a new configuration of operable panes; existing windows date from original 1965 construction, with 1986 and 1988 additions.

Resident rooms and toilet rooms will see all new finishes including lighting, plumbing fixtures and wardrobes, as well as new details such as corner guards and kick plates. Residential-style light fixtures will complete a project already underway to refurbish all lighting. Antiquated baseboard heating will be replaced with energy efficient HVAC systems providing individual room controls; the bathing facility will be re-designed to become an inviting space with a new immersion tub that allows residents to transfer directly into the tub from a specially designed chair; the Physical Therapy area will double in size; and the Nurse Station will see all new cabinetry, including an ADA accessible counter. The selective demolition and replacement of landscape plantings will be designed for seasonal color interest.


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