10-07 Triumph Treatment Services


10-07 EpicPlaceEPIC PLACE - Yakima, WA

Triumph Treatment Services remodeled four buildings on their campus to combine all three of their scattered Post Partum Women second stage drug and alcohol treatment programs for women and their children in a single beautiful location that is very friendly for parents, children and staff.      

Traho assisted Triumph in keeping the project remodeling to the minimum, while meeting City and State Department of Health, Construction Review Services requirements. The project includes two resident cottages, an administration and meeting cottage and the state licensed childcare annex. The campus had been a DSHS juvenile facility, so the basic design was intact for occupancy by new residents. Each cottage has six bedrooms with varying furniture configurations to allow mothers to stay with their children or for pregnant women to be in rooms without children. Modifications were as follows:

 Resident Cottage - New shatter resistant lighting; Modified laundry for DOH dirty to clean flow; Added bathtub for bathing infants; DOH bedroom furniture layouts; Modified kitchens to serving only; Added sink at office ; Added vestibule for HIPAA medical privacy; Added NFPA 13R fire sprinklers and riser; Created an ADA staff bathroom


 Childcare Annex - Interior reconfiguration of prior apartment; State licensed childcare facility compliance; Toddler room; Infant room;Toy and equipment storage; Staff office; Direct outside access; Added changing and food prep areas in both childcare rooms; Visual access to all areas by staff in changing and food prep;Added exhaust fans at changing tables

 Administration/Meeting Cottage - Reconfiguration and renovations for mixed occupancy of childcare and staff office; Fire rated walls and mechanical separations; Modified bathrooms; Created toddler, infant and group therapy rooms and counselor’s offices; Added shared changing and food prep areas between childcare rooms; Visual access to all areas by staff in changing and food prep; Added exhaust fans at changing tables 




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