11-27 The Seasons



Yakima, WA


The 1921 Seasons Performance Hall is a great case study for adaptive reuse of an historic structure. Now in use as a publicly occupied performance facility, it was originally constructed as a church with non-denominational stained-glass windows, a columned entrance and a paned dome atop the brick building. The large main front hall auditorium and rear banquet hall are once again fully utilized and the original oak pews are filled with an appreciative audience.

The challenge for adaptation is typical of this age of facility – preserving the beauty of the architecture while accommodating interior upgrades and today’s code requirements, for barrier free access, fire protection, increase in the provision of restroom facilities and structural review of the building for the intended occupant load. As is also typical under these circumstances, limited drawings were intact from both original construction and subsequent alterations.

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00-14 Catholic Diocese of Yakima

00-14 St Joes


Built in 1905, St. Joseph Church was heavily damaged by fire in 1999. The thick stone exterior bearing walls, two stone towers, and a wood floor remained after initial demolition. Traho worked within the framework of a design-build team to evaluate existing conditions, develop solutions for reconstruction, establish a budget, and produce construction documents. The design team worked closely with the Church Building Committee to reconstruct an enlarged facility that would also preserve the familiar character of the original Church and reflect the importance in floor planning of Catholic Liturgy.

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