12-31 Klickitat County Public Works

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Goldendale, WA

Traho Architects was introduced into a diverse mix of projects that we and our supporting consulting engineers were able to address with speed and efficiency.

With a contract that is less than a month old, we were working with the staff of the Public Works Department on several projects. The Klickitat Public Works staff reflects the can do attitude, with backgrounds in construction, facility maintenance and civil engineering and a history of successfully renovating several fairgrounds buildings, successful grant application skills.

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11-23 Kittitas Valley Fire District 2



Mountainview Brownfields Redevelopment Planning - IPG

Ellensburg, WA


The purpose of the Mountain View Redevelopment Integrated Planning Grant (IPG) is to assist Kittitas County Fire District 2 to conduct environmental due diligence and identify potential redevelopment options for a future building site that complement other nearby developments and provide community benefit. It will include environmental investigation, natural and cultural resources study, engineering feasibility study, and community involvement to develop a conceptual redevelopment plan and implementation strategy. This project is an ideal fit for an IPG, because it will leverage cleanup of a brownfield property to achieve environmental and community benefits.

After extensive station location studies which triangulate their response times and frequencies, the District has identified this site on Mountain View Road as ideal for their new station; it has historic use as a petroleum station, truck weigh station, with its current use as a diesel filling station. The 5-acre site also has potential for the City of Ellensburg to co-locate a senior center (a needed new facility) and there is habitat restoration potential for the urban stream that borders the property.

The subject property is on a newly updated and revived arterial in Ellensburg; it is an obvious blight in the area as the only non-redeveloped section along the road. Neighboring properties are mostly highway commercial with banks, retail stores, medical offices and senior housing. The majority of development along Mountain View is new within the last 10 years.

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11-20 DSHS Report to the Legislature

11-20 DSHS



In 2011, the Washington State Legislature authorized funds to the Department of Social and Health Services to consider options for future use of the Yakima Valley School. As authorized by the Legislature, options may include the permanent use of the property to support housing, other services for low-income, disabled, or vulnerable persons, or other uses. The report that outlines these options will be delivered to the Legislature by December 31, 2011.

Traho Architects provided site assessment and facility evaluation as part of a team whose members included planning, engineering and economic/cost benefit analysis experts. Activities to complete this project included project initiation, site analysis, public outreach, consideration of reuse options and preparation of a report. Project goals, decision making criteria and the range of re-use options were reviewed in a series of client and public workshops, with work products identified for each task.

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90-45 City Shops

Dept Public Works Entry 1

City of Yakima - Department of Public Works

Shop Complex



Traho completed a master plan for this 13.8-acre site that houses a staff of 187 Public Works, Engineering and Utilities, administrative and shops staff. The relationship of administration functions to shop, storage and work areas was closely reviewed and existing circulation conflicts between transit coaches, heavy equipment, cars and pedestrians were resolved with a completely revised site plan. Public and staff use of the site was evaluated to create design solutions most compatible with actual operations.

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