09-09 Aecetia Tasting Room


Yakima, WA


Tourism is acknowledged as a key driver in economic development and in eastern Washington, wine, agriculture and outdoor recreation are prime anchors of the economy. The importance of solidifying our economy by capturing the potential of these tourism resources and other economic opportunities is at the heart of the development of this newest Yakima area tasting room. The site of the Aecetia Tasting Room is a young vineyard located on a north facing slope in Naches Heights and within walking distance of the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy trail. It has been developed with attractive, extensive landscaping including a year-round water feature and pond, trees, boulders and pathways, with the intent that visitors will experience a very special setting conducive to leisurely wine tasting and related events. Patio and lawn areas, both covered and uncovered, will be available to guests- a pleasant feature of this rural wine tasting and sales operation.

This new tasting room will be an enhancement to the agriculturally based Naches Heights area. Full barrier-free accessibility is planned for the site and facilities, including new walkways linking the new parking spaces to the grounds, new detached pergola and tasting areas. The facility has a commercial kitchen to support a variety of on-site activities, with space inside for 30 to 50 people. The interior and exterior architecture reflect a Northwest preference for natural materials and a sophisticated but comfortable atmosphere.

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07-45 The Tasting Room Yakima at Wilridge Vineyard


Yakima, WA


The Tasting Room Yakima sits on eighty gorgeous acres of vineyards, orchard and sage-land bluffs above the Cowiche Canyon nature preserve. As a former farming cottage transformed into a tasting venue for three boutique Washington wineries, The Tasting Room is purposefully inviting and casual. The adjacent, newly planted vineyard is being organically managed and includes twenty-two grape varietals planted on an experimental basis, representing the classic wine regions of Europe, including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Treveri Cellars



formerly Staton Hills Winery; Sagelands Vineyard - Wapato, WA

Individual Experience of Nancy Charron, Principal


This award winning beautiful and large winery was designed specifically for this site, a wonderful location south of Yakima nestled above the river on the warm southern slopes of the Rattlesnake ridge. The entrance winds around the site past the public wine serving and retail areas. Design features include a massive hip roof with heavy timber and wood paneled vaulted interior spaces and large tasting room with ornate wood bar, banquet facilities, catering kitchen, gift shop, upper floor intimate viewing deck and extensive covered stone patios overlooking the lush landscaped grounds and scenic view of Mt Adams, the Yakima River and the agricultural panorama of the lower Yakima Valley.

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00-28 Yakima Cellars

Yakima CellarsYakima, WA


An enthusiastic group of wine loving investors and a local winemaker partnered together to create Yakima Cellars. The location selected for this new winery and wine bar operation was a busy downtown Yakima intersection, in an early 1900’s building that had been remodeled over the years and left in worn condition prior to purchase for this project. Being the first downtown tasting room, Yakima Cellars became the leader in a trend of entertainment spaces that has since proved to be a positive influence on the economic revitalization of this area.

Functions within the building were separated into second floor staff offices and restrooms with wine production and storage at the basement. The first floor was entirely gutted to create a tasting room with commercial catering kitchen; barrier-free public restroom; 30’ curved, stand-up tasting bar; and floor space which could be flexibly arranged to accommodate several gathering tables, small table café seating for use during acoustic musical performances, and standing room for up to 50 people during wine tasting, private party or art opening events.

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